Acro Collective’s Back2School Essentials

It’s autumn, and here at Acro that means one thing: our #ladymafia is headed back to school. Here, we’ve compiled a couple of semester essentials. Don’t be caught without.

#Ladymafia, start your coffee-makers.

  • Your best skirt and socks combo for tough days.

    Kill Bill's Gogo Yubari, obviously.
    Kill Bill’s Gogo Yubari, obviously.
  • A full Netflix queue to bury your troubles in.
  • A place to scream. When you need it.
  • A lipstick that complements your RBF (we recommend something dark).

    Move along.
    Take a cue from Bette Davis and tell them to move along.
  • A coffee thermos so you always have something to splash in the face of your enemies, if necessary.
  • A place to practice pointedly clearing your throat. Pointed throat-clearing is a weapon of choice, excellent to deploy in class during a long-winded or self-important classmate’s ramblings.
  • Shoes for stomping down the halls and crushing the competition. Try Docs, platform oxfords, moon boots, or stilettos to start.

    Look smart and sharp.
  • Your crew. As Harry Potter, the pre-eminent guide to navigating a stressful school experience, teaches us: your friends are your shield and your light. Cherish them.

    Nothing like surviving school to bring you closer together.
    Nothing like surviving school to bring you closer together.
  • A strong and willing openness about the subject itself. If your learning makes you uncomfortable at times, you’re doing it right.

Author: Acro Collective

A collective space for feminist writing, pop culture love, and unabashed geekdom.

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