Big Sound Saturdays: Rats in Paradise (New Year freak out!)

Did any of you go to the deep sea Oracle disco two nights ago? Who rung in the new year kicking and screaming to the dulcet tones of twanging, freak-out guitar “experiments” by three men in tox-screen space suits, did you take a picture that me and mine can sit in? Did your main squeeze serenade you with “Losing My Religion”? What kind of special drink did you make, can I try it! Is there a better holiday than New Year’s eve?

I went in trying to thematize with New Years songs and Charley Jordan’s vaguely on-topic 1930 hit “Keep It Clean” (you nasty party people!), but all that came out was the big heavy all over again. Listen, do you like Nick Cave? You’ve maybe lived a long time without blissing out to “Mutiny in Heaven,” rats in paradise! and vicious, brink edge psychotic caveman screams—this is a mix that takes your hand and throws you in that pit. Also from the eighties, The Blackout’s clicking, stomping, screetching “Dead Man’s Curve,” The Monochrome Set’s fall-down “Eine Symphonie des Grouens,” INXS’s very famous “Never Tear Us Apart,” The Jack Rubies’ cruising build-up and cut-down “Give Up Everything.” Just one from the sixties (for once), a meticulously channeled freak-out by the excessively together Chocolate Watchband, a group of studio musicians who really, really knew how to tear it up. From the 70s, “Cindy Tells Me,” an Eno beauty, and the Modern Lovers’ “I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms.” And from 1994, Shocker in Gloomtown, ring in the New Year!


Short and sweet, y’all. Happy New Year, take it by the horns!




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