What is Peach?

What is Peach?


peach.cool is telling you: this is really cool, guys. Having cool in the url is the #1 youths-approved way of signaling your coolness.

Peach is yet another way to shout into the void.

Peach is another platform for sharing kitten gifs, which can only be a good thing.

Peach is letting you know it’s not enough to just maintain daily updates to your snapchat, insta, twitter, vine, tumblr, pinterest, goodreads, kik, yelp, and facebook.

Peach is a “fun, simple, way to keep up with friends and be yourself” if being yourself involves frantically keeping up with friends. Which it probably does.

Peach is a way of letting a cute pink logo distract you from the fact that it’s constantly watching you.

Peach is the next step toward your phone’s sentience.

Peach is a good reason to say the phrase “magic words” unironically.

Peach is an excuse for you to google “what is an app” like the old fogey you are.

Peach is an existential crisis.

Peach is something you’ll probably download in a day or two anyway, despite all this eye-rolling and griping.


Author: Acro Collective

A collective space for feminist writing, pop culture love, and unabashed geekdom.

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