About Acro Collective

Acro Collective grew out of a simple idea: a meeting point for writing and thinking about race, gender, rights, and representation in the wide world of pop culture. We are interested in looking at the world around us through the lenses of intersectional feminism, academia-critical-speak for the real world, and occasionally, the snark that feeds our inner fires. Gather here for illuminating writing on the pop culture that we love, thoughts on self-representation, feminism for the millenial age, and great style. Welcome to our corner.

Our contributors:

Sophie Abramowitz

S.A. is a PhD candidate at the University of Virginia, studying American music, literature, and culture in the early 20th century. She does collaborative work in music restoration, research, reconstruction, and archiving. She currently hosts a blues radio show at WTJU-FM Charlottesville.


B.C. works for Cincinnati Public Radio (WVXU) and is a freelance journalist for print and radio. She likes plants and shoes with chunky heels. Visit her website at belindacai.com.


I.C. is a doctoral candidate specializing in Victorian literature at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is passionate about feminism, animal rights, and the environment.  She loves beaches and long sad novels.

Maya M.H. is a fan of Nancy Meyers movies, Dave Chappelle, Childish Gambino, and driving through the town with all of the windows down. And oh yeah! She is a PhD student in English, concentrating on representations of rape and race in American literature and the law. M.H. dreams of Golden Girls-ing with all of her friends in the future. Everyone is Blanche.

E.L. is a graduate student in English literature, studying 19th Century popular cultures by day and crushing the patriarchy under her boot heel by night. She practices hate-reading as an art form.

K.O. is of Nigerian heritage. She was born in Atlanta, raised in New Orleans, and now lives in Atlanta. Photography and shrimp are the two most important things in her life.


K.S. is a doctoral student and a theatre director studying drama, performance studies, and critical theory. Among other things, she is an avid watcher of documentaries, a lover of symphonic metal music, and an obsessive fan of scary movies. She can also be found at her personal site and on twitter @LadyMedieval.


S.T. is a writer and academic who is very excited to finally be a regular at a bar for the first time. She studies narrative theory and reads pretty much everything. When not arguing about politics with strangers or reading for her thesis, she is cooking, eating, or thinking about pasta.


E.Y., Editor in Chief, is an erstwhile academic interested in 20th and 21st century American literature, genre fiction, and Asian-American literature. Her interests include reading everything ever, kpop bopping, going to the movies, dancing, and laughing too loudly in public places.


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