Weekly Dance Break: Bad Blood (Nao)

Image from @thisNAO // Twitter

(Video NSFW)

This dreamy, haunting music video by Nao is a beautiful meditation on eternity. And it’s definitely not that one Taylor Swift song.


T. Swift who? Nicki and Beyonce in “Feeling Myself”

We technically already have a dance break lined up, but Nicki and Beyonce’s MV for “Feeling Myself” offers up a deliciously relaxed counterpoint to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” which can feel overproduced and try-hard. Even with Taylor’s legion of gal pals, it’s hard to beat queens Nicki and Bey in one MV.

The full high-res version is only available through Tidal, apparently (pfffft), but there are lower-res versions up (and, like Rihanna’s “American Oxygen,” there will probably be a Vevo version soon.) Find it here.

Weekly Dance Break: Bad Blood (Taylor Swift)

Well, the much-hyped video for “Bad Blood” is out, and I’m kind of…underwhelmed by the song itself. However, the MV is still worth a watch for Kendrick’s verses (was he randomly added into this version? He wasn’t in the original song) and for a couple of the many, many cameos, mostly of T. Swift’s posse looking dark and Tarantino-esque.

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