Weekly Dance Break: Royal Family (#WODLA)

I get the same kind of feeling watching these women (and men!) dance that I imagine Serena Williams’ fans must get watching her win. This dancing is excellence that doesn’t worry about being sexy or beautiful or put-together, though it is all of those things. How powerful to watch these diverse women on stage, precise and strong and sexy, reveling in their bodies and their performance. How powerful to see their expressions of pure absorption, fierceness, and joy.

I’m really, really excited about this one, you guys. I could watch this an untold number of times (and have, to be honest). There’s something so invigorating, eye-popping, scream-worthy, so YES! about this crew’s performance, especially in WOD’s front-row presentation. It’s up close, in your face greatness. The energy is infectious. Continue reading “Weekly Dance Break: Royal Family (#WODLA)”


Weekly Dance Break: BBHMM (Rihanna)

To me, there was really one choice for weekly dance break this time around.

A warning, I suppose, for violence and nudity—though not more violence, I think, than your average CSI episode. This is also allegorical. It’s more than just a bloodbath. It’s a meditation on how intensely¬†personal financial violence is (look for the knife Ri Ri labeled “ruined credit”), since money is always more than money—it’s power, independence, survival. It also contains a lot of food for thought re: the status of the white trophy wife. Finally,¬†Black Girl Dangerous said it better than I could, with regard to the “torture porn” aspect of a black woman inflicting pain on a white woman.

Weekly Dance Break: American Oxygen (Rihanna)

This week’s dance break is a little bit different: less about relaxation and more about content. Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” can probably be read “straightforwardly” as a song praising the American Dream, but the imagery of its music video, spliced with footage of the KKK, Martin Luther King, and race riots, begs a more complicated question.


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