Weekly Dance Break: Blue Horizon (Cokejazz and Hoody)

On tap this week: a korean track full of langurous, relaxing vocals and dreamy scenery. This is the song that would play at the end of that movie starring you and your friends, coming of age under the summer sun, as you drive off into the horizon.

Give it a listen, give it a watch, take a deep breath.  Continue reading “Weekly Dance Break: Blue Horizon (Cokejazz and Hoody)”


Venice Beach

From B.C.: Any Angelino knows that the default hotbed for street anything – street food, street art, street performers and, of course, street style – is the Venice Beach boardwalk. Natives are sick of it and tourists can’t get enough of it. Replete with skateboarders, bikers, travelers, bums, muscleheads, surfers, artists and vendors galore, this vibrant strip is never lacking in action. Or a profusion of Green Doctors. I spotted a few stylish boardwalk perusers on this blustery weekday afternoon._MG_0040




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