Straight Outta Sexism

I went to see Straight Outta Compton with my friend who’s a screenwriter; he mentioned beforehand how he had read a few scathing reviews about its sexism. I was excited about the film because it felt significant and timely. The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining traction in an unprecedented way and the recent murder of black Cincinnatian Samuel Dubose by a white officer, and the officer’s subsequent indictment, hit close to home. All of this is relevant when N.W.A.’s. “Fuck Tha Police” comes to mind. (N.W.A. stands for ‘Niggaz Wit Attitudes,’ and is the group portrayed in the film, featuring mostly Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube.) While I am aware of the weight of intersectionality in dealing with oppression, I wasn’t even thinking about the obvious misogyny in the group’s lyricism and members’ lives.

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Venice Beach

From B.C.: Any Angelino knows that the default hotbed for street anything – street food, street art, street performers and, of course, street style – is the Venice Beach boardwalk. Natives are sick of it and tourists can’t get enough of it. Replete with skateboarders, bikers, travelers, bums, muscleheads, surfers, artists and vendors galore, this vibrant strip is never lacking in action. Or a profusion of Green Doctors. I spotted a few stylish boardwalk perusers on this blustery weekday afternoon._MG_0040




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