The Childfree Choice

by I.C.

Throughout my childhood, insofar as I ever thought ahead to my adult domestic life, I assumed I would do exactly as my mother had done.  I thought the ideal plan was to get married straight out of college, wait about three years, and then have three daughters, each spaced out two years apart.  There was a sort of fairy-tale symmetry to that arrangement.  While it was comfortably far off in the future, I could take it for granted that I wanted something similar.  I took it for granted, as I think most girls do, that I would want children.

Then the future came up to meet me, and found me changed. Continue reading “The Childfree Choice”


Weekly Dance Break: Suki Kirai (Rin and Len)

Today we continue our theme of little children who are better at dancing than you or me.

If no part of you finds this adorable and heartwarming, I suspect you are kind of dead inside. Happy holidays! Continue reading “Weekly Dance Break: Suki Kirai (Rin and Len)”

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