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Only the most desperate white racists openly identify as racists. Invariably, these white people come from a social stratum deprived of all that whiteness tries to connote: wealth, beauty, power, cleanliness, grace. But because it is uncomfortable for white people to define such things too clearly, the phrase “white trash” had to be invented to cover them. The phrase, developed to describe all Southern whites outside the aristocracy, has shifted in tandem with economic and social changes so that it now applies to a demographic sliver. Yet this reduction in range has not corresponded to a reduction in the disgust it evokes in whites of putatively higher status.

“Housing discrimination is the unfinished business of civil rights,” says Sherrilyn Ifill, the president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. “It goes right to the heart of our divide from one another. It goes right to the heart of whether you believe that African American people’s lives matter, that you respect them, that you believe they can be your neighbors, that you want them to play with your children.”


#SayHerName and #BlackWomenMatter

Today is a National Day of Action for Black Women and Girls (though of course, this is an issue for every day and not just today). We know #blacklivesmatter, and that the issue of structural violence against black lives is a conversation that needs to keep happening. But all too often women are left out of the narrative, especially because a particular image of police violence circulates in the popular imagination—where the victim is usually a young black man. Colorlines published a great article that offers resources and a reminder of too-often forgotten women. If your city has a march, consider taking your participation beyond the level of discourse.

Colorlines: “We’re Dying Too” (an article by Andrea Ritchie)

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