Fashion’s Expansion: the New “Nude”

Christian Louboutin has expanded his collection of nude shoes into a range of skin tones, not just the pale beige that’s actually only “nude” for a small sliver of the world’s population. The label now offers ballet flats in the expanded colors alongside its signature pumps. That’s one small step in the right direction — barring the fact that these shoes are still $600. Still, as with so much else in fashion, where a big name goes the rest may follow.

As a color, “nude” is often loaded with prejudice. In theory, it matches the wearer’s skin color, which makes it easy to pair with just about anything. It’s a wardrobe staple, and therefore a commercial staple for most shoe brands. But in practice, it commonly describes variations of beige with pinkish undertones, which is only… via […]

via Expanding the new “nude” — For the Time Being

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