Weekly Dance Break: Fire (BTS)

This great new MV is for the k-pop fans, both present and not-yet-converted! Get you some ~*youthful*~ energy and West Palm Beach fashion inspo.

Weekly Dance Break: I Am You, You Are Me (Zico)


Today – the k-pop groove I’ve had on repeat in my head, because why not? Every Tuesday needs a little love-magic, matching-couples-outfits dreamy aesthetic.


Weekly Dance Break: Four Walls

If you’ve never delved into the deep and wonderful world of live music performances on Asian music shows, do yourself a favor and get there. The relentless pace of newly released material is really unparalleled, meaning you won’t be without a glimpse of your faves for long.

On deck today: my current jam, featuring my favorite androgynous Chinese-American star, Amber Liu. This performance is sure to give you some good 90s throwback vibes, featuring a bit of vogue-ing, a bit of wacking, and lots of flared pants.

Happy mid-week, ladies! Continue reading “Weekly Dance Break: Four Walls”

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