Weekly Link Roundup: 10/30/15

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Things That Make and Break Avengers: Age of Ultron

*very, very minor spoilers, mainly of aesthetic details

Avengers: Age of Ultron was full of campy goodness…These are moments which might detract from, or really add to, your movie experience, depending on your expectations and mindset:

  1. Cap’s concealer / Nat’s eyebrow powder / everyone’s makeup, really
  2. Ultron’s ass (sports-car curves, yes!)CAOxhh2UMAIWWvG
  3. Ultron’s undulating and somehow…sensuous lips…

    Photo from Entertainment Weekly
    Photo from Entertainment Weekly
  4. Wet Thor in a dramatic cave

  5. Sad droopy Bruce-face
  6. Quicksilver’s Adidas endorsement deal

    Image from thedropdate.com
    Wheeee zoom zoom | Image from thedropdate.com
  7. The twins’ Cold War accents (unidentifiable Slavic vagueness!)
  8. Awareness of how brilliantly campy this movie will seem in 5-10 years
  9. Cap’s biggest fear is not knowing the foxtrot, maybe
  10. Keeping track of property damage costs (Avengers insurance??)
  11. Recognizing Running Man filming locations when the Avengers are in Seoul
  12. Every time Bruce gasps THE INTERNET (“he’s hiding in THE INTERNET”)
  13. SCIENCE BRO MONTAGE ft. Bruce and Tony (*swipe* *calculate* *high-five*!

    Avengers dick-size contest ft. Thor's hammer
    Avengers dick-size contest ft. Thor’s hammer and Cap’s forearms
Gratuitous beautiful Quicksilver promo because I can
Gratuitous beautiful Quicksilver promo because I can
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