Weekly Dance Break: Bad Blood (Nao)

Image from @thisNAO // Twitter

(Video NSFW)

This dreamy, haunting music video by Nao is a beautiful meditation on eternity. And it’s definitely not that one Taylor Swift song.


Weekly Dance Break: Impossible (Lion Babe)

Lion Babe, a neo-soul duo made up of vocalist Jillian Hervey and musician Lucas Goodman, is a great jump-out-of-bed, shake-out-your-hair sound. Check out their song “Impossible,” which will hype you up for the rest of the week and maybe inspire you to do some glitter-flinging of your own.

Stay strong, babes! Continue reading “Weekly Dance Break: Impossible (Lion Babe)”

Weekly Dance Break: Dontcha (The Internet)

Syd Tha Kid is such a talented babe, and “Dontcha” off of her albumĀ Feel Good is forever a good privacy-of-your-bedroom, grooving-with-your-hairbrush jam to keep in your back pocket. Happy midweek!

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