Ask Momo: 1/14/2016

New year, new naptimes, folks. Try to keep up. I hope you had a pleasant and restful human holiday. Mine was spent covertly peeping at my humans through the low-hanging boughs of their strange artificial tree, sampling some fine Christmas catnip, and savagely rending roll upon roll of crisp new wrapping paper. My goals for the new year? To stay as magnificent as ever and to take my advice column as seriously as I always have—which is to say, mostly seriously to varying degrees. Here’s to another year of everyone’s favorite slightly snarky, mostly earnest scribbling kitty. Continue reading “Ask Momo: 1/14/2016”


Announcing our newest feature: ASK MOMO

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Ever have a question so perplexing that only a cartoon cat could properly answer it?

Now we have the perfect solution for that.

We’re not saying we’re experts by any stretch of the imagination. And this advice column, if we have to call it that, is not always going to take itself entirely seriously or ever insist that the answer given is an absolutely correct one. But if you have a question—about ice cream, sex, outfits, schoolwork, anything—we will do our earnest best to answer it like a good friend would.

Send us your trials and tribulations at with subject heading [Ask Momo] or fill out our handy-dandy contact form with your question by clicking the “ASK MOMO” link at the top of the homepage.

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