Weekly Dance Break: Special Affair (Zach Lattimore and Candace Brown choreography x The Internet)

SydThaKyd’s silky voice was made for choreo duets. Here, hip hop dancers put an intimate spin on the seductive lyrics of “Special Affair” by The Internet. Sit back, relax, take it in.


Weekly Dance Break: Get Away (The Internet)

The Internet is my number one driving-around-in-the-gloaming music. Syd tha Kyd didn’t disappoint this time, either. Get ready to enjoy some dreaminess.

Weekly Dance Break: Dontcha (The Internet)

Syd Tha Kid is such a talented babe, and “Dontcha” off of her albumĀ Feel Good is forever a good privacy-of-your-bedroom, grooving-with-your-hairbrush jam to keep in your back pocket. Happy midweek!

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