Weekly Dance Break: Flight from Paris (Bobby Newberry x Yanis Marshall Choreography)

Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe Yanis Marshall, y’all.

Weekly Dance Break: F**k The Summer Up (Leikeli x Tricia Miranda Choreography)

It’s summer, y’all.

Weekly Dance Break: Special Affair (Zach Lattimore and Candace Brown choreography x The Internet)

SydThaKyd’s silky voice was made for choreo duets. Here, hip hop dancers put an intimate spin on the seductive lyrics of “Special Affair” by The Internet. Sit back, relax, take it in.


Weekly Dance Break: Panda (Desiigner)

These two young women are about to liven up your Tuesday and slay you dead!

Weekly Dance Break: Trap Queen (Fetty Wap), Choreography

Really, if all our weekly dance breaks are just videos of carefree bebes slaying the studio—that’s ok with me.

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